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Hot Model Skylar Green HDMum Principal Update


Before I describe what happened in this video I have to say it’s an amazing HDmum update featuring the blonde babe Skylar Green! Skylar walked in on her stop daughter being fucked. She was horrified at how bad it looked and must have felt. The couple was shocked and could not speak. But she calmed them down and told them she wanted to help them. She told them sex was a beautiful thing and could hold their relationship together.

Then she instructed her step daughter how to suck her boyfriend’s cock. She sucked it according to her instructions and there was a marked improvement. Then she taught them how to lick pussy. Finally was how to ride a cock like a pro.

The hot mom actually showed them. She had not had sex in days and she was also consumed in the moment. She showed her step daughter wild sex and her boyfriend how to hold on and wait for her to cum first. After she came, he came explosively and did so on their faces.

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