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Hot Mom Melanie Bangs Teen Couple

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Hot mom Melanie and her niece were very close. They loved going places and doing stuff together. One time they were hanging out they met a great guy. He complimented them and wanted to fuck them both. They thought about it then wondered why not? They agreed and went to Melanie’s house.

Melanie showed them her skills and showed her niece how a dick should be handled. The guy was glad of what was being done to his member. But he was also taught how a pussy should be played with to drive a girl wild. Melanie’s niece was grateful at what was being done to her pussy.

It was now fucking time and Melanie bent over and got fucked from behind. She wanted to show them how it is done. She even rode it. They then did it according to her instructions and it was out of this world. Melanie and her niece wondered why they had not done this sooner.

Mom Bangs Teen Couple