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Watch My Boyfriend Fucking Stepmom and Me

fuck my stepmom

I recently got out of a relationship and I caught my boyfriend in the act doing something with my fucking stepmom. My name is Jenna Ross and I’m here to share the whole story with you. I broke up with him because he thought I was lousy in bed. I cried to my step mother to help and she agreed. She called my ex-boyfriend and told him to give me another chance. My mommy had shown me how to kiss and lick pussy. It’s pretty easy for me to say that she’s an incredible hi def mom and even showed me how to suck cock like a champ, until milky cum oozed out of it. My ex-boyfriend met us in bed and was surprised but turned on. We undressed him and he received a great blowjob. Then my mom showed us how to fuck like porn stars. She even got fucked herself. It was so hot and naughty that the guy could not help but ask me back. We both had learned a lot and they went and applied it in our relationship. But not before he had given me and my stepmom a great facial.

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