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HD Mommy Eva Fucking Her Teen Assistant




HD Mommy Porn

Shae and her boss Eva had a secret which has always made them close. They like fucking guys together. Any of them would come with a guy and they would fuck him both. Or they could be out together and they seduce a guy and fuck him. Shae was going home with a guy from the club. She texted Eva and told her to rush to her place.

Eva went and they found her there. They went straight to the bedroom and she brought them some food to eat. She instructed them to go and take a shower first and they went. Then she joined them in the shower. Eva grabbed his cock and gave it a rubdown. She licked Shae’s asshole as she was being drilled from behind.

They switched positions and hd mom Eva was being fucked while at the same time licking Shae’s pussy. They fucked until they each came. Immediately after, the guy came on their faces.

HD Mum Brandy Fucking Her Step Daughters Boyfriend

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Brandi Love was giving this young guy her signature step mommy massage. It is the best massage in town and she is always booked. That’s what happens at HD Mum, big cock massages from hot milfs. Anyway, so no sooner had she started her massage than this guy got a hard on. She knows her way around a man’s body and her touch is magical.

The guy’s girlfriend came in and wondered how he had such a big and hard erection than normal. Brandi explained her secret to her. The girlfriend did not want to let the opportunity slip. She wanted to enjoy that hard on before it went soft.

Brandi showed her how to rub the dick and suck it like a pro. The guy then proceeded to fuck both of them in a dream opportunity. While the girlfriend was on top, this hdmum was rubbing her clitoris on his face and he was licking her pussy. It was a time none of them will ever forget.

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